July 19, 2019

Trace, our-in house model.

Meet our sensational crew (family). We’re all pretty different, but we do have one thing in common. WE LOVE OUR FOOD. And working here at Inside, but that goes without saying.

Let’s start with Soph. Our newest and tallest recruit to the clan. A second year uni student, aspiring nutritionist and a strong steak & veg enthusiast.

We’ve now appointed Soph as Executive Inside Staff Holiday Coordinator. Apparently if the Inside crew were going to go jet setting together we’d be living it up poolside in Bali with a cocktail buffet within arm’s reach… (Link to our vacay go fund me page will be added shortly).

Important note:  If you feel a sudden urge to chat to someone about healthy recipes, how good T2 tea is or need something lifted down off a tall shelf, hunt down Soph.


Next up, Tracy. Basically a real life version of Barbie. Beautiful. Blonde. Blue eyed. Yeah stop it Trace you absolute goddess.

 A devoted mum to her sports crazy boys. The weekend agenda usually involves at least 7 different types of ball sports in 8 different locations around the country (okay maybe slightly exaggerated, but I’m sure it feels like that sometimes).

Trace 110% backs up Sophs’ holiday planning role, and said her ideal get away would involve heat, cocktails, good company and a pool… at this stage I’d say that the trip is pretty much finalised.


Kat. Our grey-haired goddess, Anne Hathaway doppelganger who’s been loitering Inside; or as she calls it ‘her second home’, since the doors first opened in 2012. Kat is essentially part of the furniture and reckons she actually doesn’t know who she is without the place.

The rest of Kat’s world revolves around her kids. And by kids, I mean dogs. Her other frequent stomping ground is the dog park. Working on her label Bowie & Co also keeps Kat busy. Yep, that’s right, one of our most popular jewellery brands is owned and run by one of our very own. And if after all of that she has a spare minute or two, she’s planning her *wait for it…* WEDDING!!! Yippee.

You’ll more often than not see Kat in something Elk, a perfect top knot and a groovy pair of specs.


Grace. Our shortest member of the troop. When she’s not talking our poor customers’ ears off, you’ll find her next to the shelf with the vanilla perfume.

A huge nature frother, animal adorer and gum-chewing AGFEST enthusiast- no joke, she’d probably get married there, and is still waiting for the Farmer Wants a Wife revival so she can apply and live out her best farm life.

Grace, or as sometimes mistaken for as ‘Brittney’ (um excuse me, what?) capitalizes on days off between her 3 jobs; with her hiking boots, a pack full of miscellaneous snacks, and then hits the trails.


Millie. The baby of our team. Daughter of the extraordinary owner of Inside. Single handily keeps the crocs industry in business and a devourer of good tucker, smoothie bowls and chocolate preferred.

Mils will also talk your ears off if given the chance…becoming a radio host extraordinaire is on the cards for sure.

If she’s not hitting the books at school, she’d ideally be somewhere coastal, or ‘sending it hard’ on a mountain bike track (…for those readers who don’t understand this foreign teenage language, this means To go nuts with complete confidence, without regard to your own safety'according to Urban Dictionary)


And last but most certainly not least, Mandy. Our head honcho. Native Tasmanian.  Mum to Millie; and her scooter-riding-rising-star brother, Finn. A second mum to the rest of the Inside tribe. Connoisseur in inappropriate jokes...being a school teacher in her previous life has nurtured her sense of humour. Devoted Loccitane and Kora worshipper. Master at the disappearing packet of biscuit game. Doesn’t look a day over 30. Always, always, always a glass half full kinda woman.

This beautiful boss lady makes coming to work something to look forward to, a place where we can laugh and have fun with each other. The culture at inside is so delightfully positive because of Mandy’s influence. But we’ll talk more about Mandy in another blog post very soon.


So there you have it, a few little random facts about our gang. We hope you got all learned up and have something to strike up a conversation with if things ever get awkward…in store, or perhaps at your annual neighbourhood BBQ.

Big love,

The Inside Team x


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