Oliver Shower Mirror

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The poly-carbonate fog resistant, shatterproof mirror ensures durability. Instantly sticks without screws, suction cups or adhesives. Use as a shaving mirror to save time and the clean up. Our patent pending silicone compound grips to shiny surfaces like glass, marble and metal tiles. Never loses its grips, no matter how many times it's been moved. Designed to fit neatly above or beside the Toothbrush Holder or the Razor HolderThis is the last fogless shower mirror you will ever need - So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to a fog free experience!

To install, simply remove the protective backing sheet, stick the product to a clean, dry and shiny surface and then organise your toiletries. The products require no tools, no glue or permanent mounts. They're removable and reusable and leave no residue.

Patent Pending Silicone Grip Technology (Made From 100% Silicone)
Sticks to Shiny Surfaces; Glass, Mirror, Shiny Tiles, Marble
Functional Modern, Anti-Fog Shower Mirror
Removable & Reusable. Leaves No Residue
Shatterproof Poly-Carbonate Material

Measures 16.3 x 14 cm.