Banksia Aroma Pod Uplift

Every week deserves an uplifting moment and what better way to enjoy it than with a touch of nature. When you feel inspired, you can’t help but make the most of your day – this is exactly what Flaurae’s Uplift blend aims to do. Simply add a few drops to your Banksia Aroma Pod to declutter your mind and soothe your nerves.

What’s In the Flaurae Uplift Essential Oil Blend?

  • Lavender: Turns your mind into a hub of relaxation
  • Rosewood: Clears out the mental clutter and relaxes your mind
  • Bergamot: Has a positive effect on those out-of-control cortisol levels
  • Ylang-Ylang: Lifts your mood and gives you a well-deserved mental boost

How the Banksia Aroma Pod Diffuser Works

Made from the Banksia Grandis seed pod, this sustainable diffuser is highly porous and all-natural. The pod soaks up your favourite essential oil blends like a sponge, gradually releasing the wonderful aromas for hours on end.

No flames, no electricity, just pure benefits.