Candle Mulled Wine LG BLACK

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Native Flame Candles feature a wood wick that crackles and pops to give the senses an extra something to encourage calmness and evoke a feeling for the burner, similar to when we hear a crackling fire, but just a tiny version!

No glues or chemicals are used in making my timber wicks. 

With the vessels I choose, the scent combinations I mix, and the unique sound it makes when you burn one of my candles, you can't help but drop your shoulders and unwind from what was happening in your day before you lit that timber wick! 


"I have a deep connection with my natural environment and feel equally at home in the alpine regions of the Tasmanian landscape and the beautiful coastlines it boasts.

I love the distinctive seasons we experience here in Tassie, Autumn is my favourite. The colours in the outside world illuminates the landscape in such a vibrant and beautiful way.

I tend to create candles that are different to the standard types you find. I wanted to create a minimal looking vessel with no visible labels so the space it's burning in is as uncluttered as possible so calmness pours into the space you're in, enticing you to wind down and focus on the more important things in life.

My aim is to keep helping my customers to slow down, relax, and soothe their souls by enriching their lives indoors and out, wether they may be wanting a quiet space to read and write, soak and cleanse, cook and dine, or enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted and relaxed."