Erupting Volcano

MAGNOIDZ FOR INQUISITIVE MINDS From understanding how bubbles work to making your own lie detector or erupting volcano, Magnoidz offer countless ways to make science fun. Helping kids learn about science and develop curiosity through interactive kits. Science for Everyone Magnoidz have a variety of different scientific fields to discover. Labs, Nature, Geology, Space and Gadgets. Magnoidz are great kits for any young scientist! LEARN ABOUT CHEMISTRY Discover the world of Chemistry with this intriguing science kit and learn about the differences in the three liquid properties; acid, neutral and alkaline. Understand the effect of acidity in the human body and in the environment with fun science facts from Magnoidz. Suitable from age 6+ Litmus Paper Kit: Educational Resource Booklet, Instructions for 5 experiments, 4 x 15ml test tubes, 2 x 100ml beakers, 1 x Test Tube Rack, 1 x Dropper, 1 x Measuring Spoon, 1 x Funnel, 1 x Purple sweet potato powder and Filter paper diameter 70mm (10 sheets)