Garlic crushing in the kitchen just became a whole lot easier thanks to the JOSEPH JOSEPH Rocker Garlic Crusher - Green. With downward pressure and a simple rocking motion, this kitchen tool crushes up garlic faster than anything. When you're done crushing, the pieces of garlic can easily be scraped out. Now comes the best part. To clean this ingenious design simply rinse it under running water or leave it in the dishwasher. Quick, simple, and painless, what more could you ask for? Made from an odour resistant alloy you can leave your crusher neatly packed away in a draw - without having to worry about the smell of garlic wafting through your kitchen a few days later.

• Easy to clean
• Made from an odour resistant zinc cast alloy
• Dimensions: 18cm x 4cm x 3cm
• Dishwasher Safe