Paws For Tea Cat 2021

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Net Wt 55g / 1.9 oz

Curl up on the couch with soothing tea and your best friend. Paws For Tea endorses two truths—tea will always comfort, and your furry friend will never let you down. Put the two together and you have a sipping experience like no other.

What's in the box?

Contains 1 X Limited Edition Mug with Infuser, 2 x Loose Leaf Mini Cubes:
  • French Earl Grey (30g)
  • Gorgeous Geisha (25g)
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 14cm x 11.5cm


French Earl Grey:
Black tea, hibiscus, natural and artificial bergamot flavouring (1.5%), natural and artificial flavouring, sunflower petals, rose petals, mallow flowers
Gorgeous Geisha:
Green tea, natural and artificial flavouring (4%) (strawberry, yoghurt, cream), freeze dried strawberries