Pokito Pop Up Cup

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There are literally thousands of reusable cups on the market so why bother inventing a new one? Well, simply put, the vast majority aren't being reused.Most people think that existing reusable cups were ok in the car but were too heavy or bulky to be carried around if you're on foot. The existing collapsible cups weren't very practical either as they tended to be too small or too unstable or poorly insulated - that's why Pokito was invented !

  • Safe - FDA and the European EMA approved and used in many household applications, including toothbrushes, food containers and baby bottles
  • Green - After just 15 uses, pokito pays for its environmental cost, even though it should last 100 times longer and it is recyclable at the end of its life
  • Practical - Incredibly strong, light and durable. Designed to be used twice a day for two years or 1,500 uses.
  • User-friendly - The materials are taste-free and odourless so it doesn't affect the flavour of your drink
  • Insulates against heat
  • Measurements : when closed 9.5cm diameter x 4.5cm height. Opens to 3 different sizes - Espresso with 230ml volume, Grande with 475ml volume or Medio with 350ml volume
  • Light - weighs only 100gm
  • Hygenic - easy to clean, with totally smooth inner wall and fully dishwasher proof
  • Snap shut lid protects you from spills