Test Tube Bubbles Set of 4 Touchable

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Blow amazing bubbles you can touch and holdwith our Set of 4 Touchable Bubbles Test Tubes!

The amazing solution inside each test tube is the ultimate bubbly solution for bubbles that don't pop when you touch them.Touchable Bubbles areso simple to use:

1. Blow bubbles into the air
2. Wait a second or two
3. Watch the bubbles turn transparent white
4.Gently touch them & catch them in your hands!

Hours and hours of bubble-touching fun, our Touchable Bubble Test Tubes will make bubble-blowing a tactile, touchable experience!

  • Inclusions: 4 x 20ml tubes of touchable bubble mixture
  • Four super-cool neon-coloured tubes with 20mL of mixture in each
  • 100% non-toxic solution
  • Ages: 3 and above. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazard