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The hardest part of any new bike journey is the idea. Good morale is the rider’s primary asset. Travelling at a comfortable pace is not an athletic achievement, it’s a spiritual triumph. Bicycle travel allows time to review the past and plan the future while its immediate demands sit us in a dynamic present. In this moment we can – we must – inhabit all our potential; as beast, machine and soul. Can this explain the bicycle's mysterious power to inspire fanatical devotion?

There is so much we can learn from the bike, and in this beautifully illustrated book cycling expert Patrick Field reveals the lessons we can learn from the movers and shakers who created the cycling revolution, the best modern races, chases and riders of the twenty-first century, and incredible stories of people who have smashed down barriers and dared-to-do.

From challenging stereotypes, pushing yourself to the limit, learning to pace yourself and the importance of teamwork, there is a lesson for everyone in this essential book. Combined with stunning illustrations from Harry Goldhawk, this is perfect for seasoned and new cyclists alike.

About the Author

Patrick Field moved to London, to study psychology in 1974, and discovered that the best way to enjoy the metropolis was on a bicycle. He began writing as a political campaigner, then in bicycle magazines; contributing to titles including New Cyclist, Cycling Today, Cycling Plus and Cycle.

In 1993 he founded The London School of Cycling (LSC) with the insane intention of teaching adults to use pedal-bikes. He authored cycling guide books for London and environs; Breathing Spaces (1993), Get Lost (1994), Cycle London (2011), London on Two Wheels (2015) and contributed to the anthology Autopia (2002). Patrick continues to run the LSC. He is a founder of the legendary Dunwich Dynamo.