Waterfalls of Tasmania

Waterfalls of Tasmania - Day Trips to Waterfalls is a hiking guide that visits over 50 waterfalls.

100% Tasmanian

Proudly developed and printed in Tasmania. Tasmania has provided us the opportunity to create this book, and we believe in giving back fully to the Tasmanian community. No part of this book has been developed, produced, or printed outside of Tasmania.

Chapters and Regions

This beautifully designed book takes you on a journey across Tasmania discovering its diverse scenery and natural landmarks. Each chapter represents a region in Tasmania.


The Hikes

The hike pages contain excellent information for you to visit Tasmania's waterfalls. Each hike contains a 'Grade of Hike', A hiking time-line, hike descriptions, hike notes, maps, and photography.


Take it with you!

Designed to easily fit into your backpack, this book is a handy guide to take with you on your hiking adventures.