Porter Green Vegan Leather Picnic Rug



Discover the ultimate vegan leather picnic rug, privv by Porter Green, a stylish yet functional solution for socialising and entertaining outdoors. This waterproof picnic rug features a durable strap allowing it to be conveniently hung for airing, drying and easy clean wiping. Square in shape, this padded picnic blanket provides extra cushioning and insulation to sit comfortably on any surface. Designed for picnics, beach days, afternoons in the park, concerts, festivals and more, making it the perfect stylish and sustainable outdoor blanket for every occasion. Colour every experience with cherry + blush privv by Porter Green. Key features include: • vegan leather picnic rug • square in shape | 135cm x 135cm • waterproof | wipeable • reversible | 2 tonal colours • reusable | sustainable • hanging strap for airing/drying • designed for everyday living, gifting & entertaining