Tasmanian Campfire Candle



Richmond Botanicals Tasmanian Campfire Artisan Candle.

Immerse yourself by the mesmerising, flickering flames and glowing embers of the campfire. Aromas that are deep and rich, with earthy notes and a smokey fragrance with hints of leather. Topped with smokey quartz crystals.

Lovingly hand poured in Richmond Tasmania.

Biodegradable soy wax free from petroleum, palm oil and gm free. Vegan & cruelty-free.

Our wicks are made of pure cotton.

Our scents are nontoxic plant based and do not contain palm oil, phthalate free, vegan.

Our premium glass and tin packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Small candle-120g. 20 hour burn time.

Medium candle-200g. 60 hour burn time.

Large candle-500g. 90 hour burn time.